Episode 9.5 – Tourist Trap or Haunted Past?

It’s spooky season year round for Shelby and Hilary, but they’re taking the fall weather as an opportunity to talk haunted houses. In this minisode, Shelby tells Hilary about the infamous Lizzie Borden home and Hilary dives into the haunted past of the oldest building in Georgia.

Episode 9 – It’s Pumpkin Spice SZN and We’re Running Out Of Claws

Pumpkin Spice, fall weather vibes and White Claw shortages..oh my! It’s September so this means this week the girls share everything that makes their inner basic bitch flourish during this wonderful time of the year. They also go into why we are so obsessed with pumpkin spice because..surprise! There’s actually a science to it. So go get that PSL, put on some layers and strap on your combat boots because this week we are getting prepped for all things fall.

Episode 8 – Yay Sports!

Most folks say that love makes people crazy. We say that sports makes people crazy.

In this episode, Hilary and Shelby talk sports in America all the way from violent lacrosse games of yore to multi-million dollar sports paraphernalia purchases. Tune in to hear the play-by-play of the history of America’s history of sports and our citizens’ seemingly-universal obsessions.

Episode 7.5 – Just Don’t Go Out in the Woods Alone

Shelby and Hilary share stories of bizarre and borderline terrifying National Park disappearances and unsolved deaths. They also cover what exactly makes it so difficult to investigate these occurrences. This week they go over the strange short-lived disappearance (definitely abduction) of unnamed John Doe and the disappearance of sweet baby angel Jared Negrete.



Episode 7 – Battle of the Boy Bands

It’s the highly anticipated episode y’all..Hilary and Shelby finally put to rest the battle of the boy bands: *NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys. Tune in to see not only who comes out on top, but some quality history on how boy bands came to be.

Episode 6 – They Say it’s Your Birthday

Birthdays come around every year whether you’re ready or not. But have you ever thought about why we blow out candles while people awkwardly sing to us off-tune just to then binge on cake? In this episode, Hilary brings Shelby through the history of birthdays. Get ready for talking pharaohs, German celebrations, and remixed old-school tunes.

Champagne Theories 5 – That Bodie Though

This week, the girls share some facts about epic ghost towns. First, they dive into Bodie, California, a once booming (but now cursed) gold mining ghost town. They also explore New York’s North Brother island, where the infamous Typhoid Mary was quarantined in the early 1900s.

Champagne Theories 4 – Illuminati Airports and Avril Stand-Ins

On this episode of Champagne Theories, Hilary and Shelby talk conspiracy theories! They discuss the illuminati infiltration of the Denver International Airport and the (even more) far-fetched theory that Avril Lavinge is dead.

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Episode 4 – Clawmergencies and 90 Day Fiancé Binges

Reality TV is everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure. But how did it become so popular? On this episode of Grand Ramblings, Shelby and Hilary dive into the surprisingly long history of one of the strangest television genres that exist.

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Champagne Theories 3 – Wife Carrying and the Slowest News Day of All Time

On this episode of Champagne Theories, Shelby and Hilary dug up the weirdest facts they could find. Join them as they talk about weird competitive sports, maternal otters, and more.

Episode 3 – Coquette to Casual Dater

Dating culture has changed drastically over the years. On this episode, Shelby and Hilary discuss the history of dating and advice on navigating the dating world today. They also share hilarious Tinder date nightmares, and crucial dos and don’ts of online dating.

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Champagne Theories 2 – Klepto Cats and Fatal Therapy

On this episode of Champagne Theories, Shelby and Hilary scoured the internet for the most outrageous Wikipedia pages they could find. The result? Cautionary tales about sending your kids to attachment therapy and the charming story of a cat with kleptomania.

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Episode 2 – Three Glasses Deep by Lunchtime

Keto, intermittent fasting, veganism, Weight Watchers, paleo — what’s even healthy anymore?! The girls wanted to find out and share their own health journey.

In this episode, Shelby and Hilary take a deep dive into fad diets of yore, what’s popular today, and the science behind it all.

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Episode 1 – Sincerely, Your Twenty-Old Self

Welcome to the very first episode of Grand Ramblings!

In this episode, Shelby and Hilary discuss all the things they wish they could tell the teenaged versions of themselves.

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